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About Us

“Hopefully our plugins will inspire you and maybe teach you few new tricks…”


Sweetsonics is an audio plugin development company located in Helsinki, Finland. Our goal is to make plugins that give you new concepts for music production and mixing, especially for modern music needs. We are constantly following the trends in music and trying to create tools from that perspective. Hopefully our plugins will inspire you and maybe teach few new tricks that help you to achieve the sound you’ve always wanted.

Arto Designer and Developer at Sweetsonics
Arto is a professional music producer. His passion is modern music production and mixing techniques. Arto is a creative mind and working currently as a producer and mixing engineer at Sonic Pump Studios. He also has experience in software development and studies of DSP and acoustics.
Marko Developer and DSP wizard at Sweetsonics
Marko is a professional developer and digital signal processing wizard. He has significant background in programming games, software and mobile apps. He’s also a really passionate musician and songwriter, as well as hugely talented drummer.