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Laser updated to 1.1.0. Pro Tools bug fixed!

Laser updated to the version 1.1.0.

Changelog includes

– Framework updates
– Optimizations
– Pro Tools bug fixed (crashes when disabling or moving the plugin in inserts)
– Various little bug fixes

ARM processor support is coming really soon. Winter sale is running now for two weeks!

Server errors fixed!

We had some server errors in last few days, but they’re all fixed now. That affected only in our online store.

Some of you have asked updates for Laser. There won’t be any functional updates for this version because it could crash all the previous instances of the plugin. But maybe for the version 2 in future. We’ll see! Overall all the feedback has been fantastic. Thank you!

A little sale coming up soon as well.

Happy producing and mixing. Stay safe.

Spring sale is on!

Sweetsonics spring sale is on. Now you can grab Laser for 49 euros. Yesterday I got message that Kaspersky anti-virus flagged our Windows installer, but that’s fault positive. There’s no viruses in our plugin. We’re trying to remove this flagging as soon as possible.

Enjoy doing music and stay safe! <3

Updates coming (and a hidden feature)!

The best user feedback so far: “This is the holy grail of sidechainers…”

Your support and feedback for Laser has been incredible! We have lots of customers around the world. Thanks a lot!

We’ve also got some great feature requests that we will implement in the next update. We have these features in the list: 1) Stereo/Mid/Side per band 2) Mix Knob 3) Output trim with 0.1dB steps

It might still take few weeks to get these done, but be patient. We’re also aware of some weird Pro Tools bug that might cause Pro Tools crash in some cases. We’ll take a look at that as well!

Meanwhile you can actually use Laser’s hidden ‘mix knob’ feature. You can automate bypass value (from 0% to 100%) to make it work like a mix knob.

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