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LASER (AU, VST3, AAX) for Mac & Win


LASER: “Precise Sidechainer”

  • Automatic Laser algorithm
  • High quality filter design with dynamic phase
  • Three individual bands
  • Precise time focused controls for sidechain ducking or boosting
  • Offset with dynamic latency
  • Two signal detection modes for different applications
  • Stereo, mid and side processing modes
  • Quick controls for creating sidechaining musically
  • Option to use without sidechain routing
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Laser Mac Installers Download Mac installers (AU, VST3, AAX 64-bit) 

Laser Windows Installers Download Win installers (VST3, AAX 64-bit)


LASER Audio Plugin (AU, VST3, AAX for Macintosh & Windows). The precise sidechainer! Laser is sidechainer plugin for every situation and music genre. It has unique time domain controls. Laser can create transparent sidechaining in few seconds. Use it for kick & bass, boost snare drum in ambience channel, duck reverbs or create rhythmic envelopes for any source. If you want more punch and louder mixes with less distortion (or just the traditional sidechaining effect), Laser makes it easily and musically. Watch our introduction and tutorial videos for more info.


Mac OSX 10.7 and up as 64-bit AU, VST3 and AAX plugins for Intel-based processors.

Windows 7 and up as 64-bit VST3 and AAX plugins.


  1. Download the Laser installer
  2. Install the plugin
  3. Create FREE account at www.ilok.com and download iLok license manager
  4. Install iLok license manager software
  5. Start the plugin and click “try” on the launch (make sure you are connected on internet)
  6. If your computer is offline, contact us (via contact form) and we’ll provide you a trial key
  7. Start using your 21-days trial


  1. Make a purchase on our online store and download our plugin
  2. You’ll get the license key in your email and in your Sweetsonics account
  3. Create free account at www.ilok.com and download iLok license manager
  4. Install iLok license manager software
  5. Instal Laser plugin
  6. Launch the plugin and activate it with the license key
  7. Start using the plugin!